Tick Pest Control

Tick Pest Control in Buckeye AZ

Ticks are a problem for both pets and people in the Buckeye, AZ, area. In this region, the most common species is the brown dog tick, which is a smaller light brown tick with a soft body. After feeding on a blood meal, the tick may appear more blue or gray in color.

The good news is that this tick is not a vector for Lyme Disease, but it can carry Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, although the number of cases in the state is very low.

Brown Dog Tick
Brown Dog Tick

Tick Control for Yards and Homes

When considering pest control for ticks, it is important to realize that the brown dog tick can live both indoors and outdoors. Ticks can come in on a dog or a person, including on clothing. They can drop off and crawl into furniture, carpeting, or bedding, with females laying up to 4000 eggs after a blood meal. Treatment must include all home areas, including baseboards and all cracks and crevices. Our indoor tick spraying service ensures we use safe and effective products designed to eliminate indoor tick infestations.

Outside, tick yard treatment typically includes spraying for ticks as well as removing any long grass or areas where ticks thrive, such as around bunches of shrubs and trees.

When you need a trusted, professional, and experienced tick removal service near me in the Buckeye, AZ, area, call on Grizzly Pest Control. For more information about our services, contact us at 602-644-1730.

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