Scorpion Pest Control

Scorpion Pest Control in Buckeye AZ

There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings about scorpions, but these insects are a problem in the Buckeye, AZ, area and can be found in buildings on residential and commercial properties. Most scorpions are solitary, although the Arizona bark scorpion, a small, light brown scorpion, can be found in higher concentrations in areas where other insects are a problem, including inside buildings.

While very painful, the bite of a scorpion is not typically life-threatening, but children, the elderly, or those with a severe reaction may have complications from a single bite.


Call the Grizzly Pest Control Scorpion Exterminators

If you see a scorpion outside or in your home in Buckeye, AZ, the best solution is to call our scorpion pest control experts. Typically, homeowners see these insects in the evening as they are nocturnal and most active when the house is dark. They tend to be inactive in the winter months but often get into the house in the fall looking for shelter. During the winter, they may group together and stay inactive, in a state called diapause, which is similar to hibernation in other species.

Our scorpion treatment pest control experts can inspect the property and remove any scorpions present. We can also help with indoor scorpion control in the future by identifying areas where they may be getting into your home.

Grizzly Pest Control is the best scorpion pest control service in the area. If you are concerned about these insects on your property, call us today at 602-644-1730.

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