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Mice Pest Control in Buckeye AZ

Throughout the south and west the United States, mice are a significant problem. Unlike some insects that are simply a nuisance, mice create a much more significant risk. Mice, rats, and other rodents can carry Hantavirus, with the deer mouse being the most common spreader of this disease. They can also carry leptospirosis and salmonella, among other diseases.

In addition, mice and other rodents in a home in Buckeye, AZ, can bring in fleas, cause damage to the electrical wiring in a home, and result in damage to the wood and insulation. Mouse droppings and urine create odors in the home that are difficult to get rid of without major renovations.

Often homeowners see signs of mouse droppings in the kitchen area, particularly on counters and anywhere food or water is present. They can also live in pantries and food storage cupboards, while Norway rats typically live in basements, and roof rats are found in attics. You may hear the sounds of rodents moving in the attic or around the house.


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If you suspect you have a problem in your Buckeye, AZ, home with mice, rats, or other rodents, call on the rodent exterminators at Grizzly Pest Control. Our mice pest control services start with an inspection of the home to determine where the rodents are in the home, and how to best manage the removal process.

When you want to work with the best mice exterminator near me, turn to the experts at Grizzly Pest Control. We use the best mouse removal and control methods to help eliminate the current infestation and prevent future problems.

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