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Most residential and commercial property owners in and around Buckeye, AZ, consider pigeons to be a nuisance pest. They are notorious for leaving bird droppings on homes, businesses, vehicles, and other structures, and this can result in staining and discoloration. Their droppings can also carry a variety of diseases, including toxoplasmosis and salmonella.

In addition, they can also create damage to a roof, short out electrical equipment and lights, and can carry debris onto the roof that results in problems with gutter clogs and drainage.

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Pigeon Removal Near Me

Getting rid of pigeons is a very difficult task unless you call on the pigeon exterminators at Grizzly Pest Control. We use the most effective pigeon removal services to make your property inhospitable to pigeons now and in the future.

When you call our team for pest control, pigeon removal may also be a recommendation. We carefully assess any pest issues on the property and discuss your options. Unlike some pigeon removal companies, we make it a point to communicate and educate our customers, taking the time to answer questions and provide helpful information.

As part of our pigeon’s pest control call, we can also identify any changes in your yard to help reduce the chance of other pigeons finding your home or commercial property hospitable. This means removing food sources and options to use on your buildings to prevent pigeons from making themselves at home.

For more information about our pigeon removal services, call Grizzly Pest Control at 602-644-1730.

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