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The Best Flea Treatment Company For Buckeye, AZ, Homes

Fleas are a significant pest throughout the United States. The warm weather throughout the year in and around Buckeye, AZ, makes this an ideal habitat for fleas. While fleas are often seen as more of a nuisance insect due to the itching of their bites, they can also carry diseases that can infect humans.

Fleas are often associated with having pets in the home, but fleas can infest a house without the presence of dogs or cats. Unfortunately, the best flea treatment for homes is not over-the-counter powders and sprays, and these treatments do not kill the eggs, which continue to hatch over time, causing cycles of infestation. They can, however, create a false sense of security that the problem is over.


Indoor and Outdoor Flea Treatment

In addition to treating any pets for fleas, it is important to use effective flea pest control solutions that exterminate all existing fleas. We use a professional flea treatment for a yard and home that is customized to treat fleas at all growth stages, which is essential to rid your property of these biting insects completely.

As with any type of insect problem, it is important to call on professional flea services near me as soon as you see any signs of fleas. This may include fleas on furniture or on your pet’s bedding, as well as flea bites on kids and adults in the home. Flea bites are typically on the feet, shins, and lower legs and are small bites that are extremely itchy.

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