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There are three common species of cockroaches in the Buckeye, AZ, area. Of these, the German cockroach is the most common. These insects are relatively small, about half an inch in length, with a light brown body with darker brown or black wings and stripes. They are often found around water sources, including in laundry areas and under and around kitchen and bathroom sinks and fixtures.

In this area, Grizzly Pest Control is a leading German roach exterminator. We also rid your home of the American cockroach, which can be up to three inches in length and both fly and scurry around your home, particularly in the kitchen area where food is present. The other variety we see is the Oriental cockroach, which has very short wings and looks like it has rings of metal armor around its body.

German Cockroaches
American Cockroach

Roach Infestation Treatment That Works

One of the big problems with cockroach control products you can buy at home and garden stores is they are simply not effective. In addition, without an understanding of how to effectively identify the species and develop the right extermination plan, you are simply wasting your time and money.

Grizzly Pest Control uses the best cockroach treatment to effectively remove any infestation in your home or on your property. We also offer ongoing roach removal solutions that prevent these insects from coming back.

When you need the best exterminator for cockroaches near me in and around Buckeye, AZ, call Grizzly Pest Control at 602-644-1730.

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